Address:5 floor, block B, 4 international road Expo site, 1177, Kowloon Road, Nanchang




    Nanchang Hero Helmet Plant is a high scientific and technical entity of production, which cooperates with colleges, institutions of scientific research and factories while intergrating with scientific research, production and operation. We specialize in research, development and production of metallic, nonmetallic military or police bulletproof series, explosion-proof series and foreign military and police bulletproof or explosion-proof series products and equipments, relying on a lot of talented people of hi-tech research, technical core members and hiring domestic experts of military bulletproof materials. We have complete types of products and advanced manufacturing facilities.Moreover, our plant owns sound and perfect Quality Assurance System , rich technical information and experience of production with the capability of producing 0.2 million helmets annually. Our plant has always been absording the latest international techniques and information, which makes all the performance indexes of our bulletproof and explosion-proof products reach the advanced level at home and abroad. Our plant has various kinds of products which were awarded attestation certificates of quality by the authoritative detecting departments such as the Detecting Center of National Special Products, Ministry of National Public Security Products, Ministry of National Public Security and Ministry Weapon Industry etc. with two patent certificates issued by the government. We distinguish ourselves from the same field of other enterprises.

    Our plant was one of the fixed-point production units awarded firstly by Ministry of Public Security, and the enterprise of member unit of the communication The Professional Police Equipments Standardization Technical Committee of Ministry of Public Security. According to the latest standard of Public Safety Trade issued by Ministry of Public Security, our plant follows the criteria and specifications of products in the later design and production, such as the bulletproof steel helmet, police duty steel helmet, ABS police duty helmet, so as to help our products play a crucial role in the enforcemment of the construction of police, the modernized construction of equipments and the safeguard of public security.

    All of our products have been sold to the systems of public security, armed police, security force and banking system in many provinces and cities throughout China while they also been exported far to the countries of Middle-East, Africa, South-American Continent etc., including various kinds of bulletproof helmets, bulletproof clothes, protective-chest boards of bulletproof clothes, French style helmets, American M1 helmets, American military canteen, helmets of army for safeguarding world peace etc. Our products are favorably reviewed by the customers and promoted well in the market.

    “Quality Service” is the guiding principle of production and operation to which our plant always adheres. We ensure the safety production by advanced science and technology, and make friends all over the world by sincerity. We deal with concrete matters strictly and cautiously, and innovate continuously. All these help make our products be internationalized and be modernized. We will realize your dream by the advanced science and technology.